​Rowan Atkinson Car: After $1 Million In Repairs, Atkinson Will Sell Expensive Car

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Jan, 28, 2015 | 9:54 AM

Rowan Atkinson’s car is making news after the comedian said he would sell his McLaren F1 for $15 million to anyone interested. The actor, who plays Mr. Bean, is an automotive enthusiast and has owned the vehicle since it was new, according to News Max. He bought the McLaren F1 new about 17 years ago, but is now going through a divorce.

Atkinson has had two severe wrecks, and he paid $1 million to repair his latest vehicle. It was one of the UK’s most expensive ever insurance claims. The vehicle also has 41,000 miles on it.

Atkinson has used the car as its inventors intended, on school runs, cross-Continental holidays and just for “pootling about” to the shops. It’s good to see such an idolised, and expensive, supercar being used so vigorously. “Look at a modern supercar of comparable performance and it will be vast, heavy and offer little or no space for your luggage,” he said. “By comparison the F1 is tiny, yet it will seat three, store enough for you all to go on holiday and still finds space for a proper, normally aspirated 6.1-litre V12 engine. And it weighs the same as a shopping car. Nothing has ever been designed before or since with such imagination and clarity of thought.”

However, Atkinson crashed the P-reg McLaren near to CAR’s offices in Peterborough. He used to live in Northamptonshire where he wrecked the vehicle in pouring rain. There was serious extensive damage.

Rowan Atkinson knows the price is a lot of money for his car, but it had value since it was driven by a legendary actor. The F1 was actually restored by McLaren Special Operations. It’s basically a new McLaren, but the asking price is much.

Atkinson’s burgundy F1 is number 64 out of the run of 107 McLarens ever made, according to The Mirror. “I bought it for the quality of thinking that went into its design, and now it has become a thing of value, it is time for it to be enjoyed by someone else,” he said.

It’s been a shrewd purchase by the comic actor, who paid the list price of $800,000 for it in 1997. It may be no coincidence that he’s currently undergoing an expensive divorce from his wife. He doesn’t want her to have the McLaren F1.

Rowan Atkinson may get the $15 million for the car, but his reasons for parting with the prized vehicle is somewhat surprising, notes Digital Trends. “It was never bought as an investment.” It’s safe to say that it was just his toy car.

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