Russell Crowe Wants To Sell Highest Stake In Rugby Team

Russell Crowe says he is selling off his 75% stake in an Australian rugby team to “simplify” his life following the potential divorce from his wife of 9 years.

It was reported in October that Crowe and wife, Australian singer Danielle Spencer had separated. Meeting when the co-starred in the film, “The Crossing.” Spencer and Crowe had an on-again off-again relationship since 1989 before marrying in 2003. They have two children together, 8 year-old Charles, and 6 year-old Tennyson.

Crowe has co-owned Australian rugby league club South Sydney Rabbitohs, with businessman, Peter Holmes since 2006.

Now in an effort to save his marriage, Crowe is selling his stake in the team.

“My family situation has changed,” Crowe wrote. “I have to address personally how busy I have made my life outside of my actual job.”

“It doesn’t change anything at the club level. I will always be a South Sydney supporter and member, as I have been, man and boy, South Sydney ’til I die.

“If I have any chance of keeping my family together, I have to simplify my life where I can.”

The Rabbitohs had been one of the most successful teams in the Australian league but had fallen on hard times before Crowe stepped in to by a majority share in the team in 2006. Since then the team has seen a revival of success reaching the playoffs this past season.

Apart from taking care of business associated with the rugby team, the Oscar winner has had a heavy schedule and been away from home due making several film’s lately. Crowe is in the upcoming film adaptation of “Les Miserables” and just finished wrapping up another film, “Noah.” He is now getting ready to co-star with Will Smith in another film titled, “Winter’s Tale.”

He wrote on Twitter of his busy schedule, “Starting on another film set tomorrow. I need to go home and be with my children. Cannot believe how fkd up my schedule has become this year.”

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