Russell Simmons All American Muslim Show Ads For RushCard

Russell Simmons All American Muslim – Russell Simmons is throwing his support behind TLC’s “All American Muslim” show after Lowe’s pulled its commercials during the reality show.

Lowe’s said the show has become nothing but a platform for people to voice their complaints. Following this development, dozens of companies removed their advertising.

Simmons tweeted that he is trying buy ad time during this weeks episode.

“Just purchased remaining spots for #allamericanmuslim for next week. The show is now sold out! keep your money @lowes and we will keep ours,” Simmons, as @UncleRUSH, tweeted Monday.

Simmons acted in response to home improvement chain Lowe’s pulling its ads from “All-American Muslim.” The company was pressured by the conservative evangelical group Florida Family Association to stop financially supporting the series. The FFA claims it is “propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims.”

Simmons runs RushCard which is a prepaid Visa card and wanted to advertise it during the broadcast.

Lowe’s said in a statement to TheWrap: “The TLC program ‘All-American Muslim’ has become a lightning rod for people to voice complaints from a variety of perspectives, political, social and otherwise. Following this development, dozens of companies removed their advertising from the program beginning in late November.  Lowe’s made the decision to discontinue our advertising on Dec. 5.”

The statement continued to say, “We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we’re proud of that longstanding commitment. If we have made anyone question that commitment, we apologize.”

‘All American Muslim’ follows the daily lives of five Lebanese American Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan, the largest Muslim community in the United States.