Ryan Reynolds Punch Appears Realistic Against Scott Speedman

Ryan Reynolds gave co-star Scott Speedman a powerful punch while filming “Queen of the Night.” The 36-year-old actor made the hit look extremely realistic on Tuesday, while shooting in Sudbury Ontario.

Speedman, a fellow Canadian film and television actor, was on the other end of the punch. He was not injured during the scene, it was shot to show the extent of the actors’ ability.

The image resonated with fans on Twitter. Elle posted, “Ryan Reynolds is still smokin hot even mid-punch!”

“Ryan Reynolds says a real hero knows how to tell a joke, throw a punch and kiss a girl,” tweeted Geoff.

In the “Queen of the Night” Reynolds plays a father searching for his kidnapped daughter. Other actors include Rosario Dawson, Bruce Greenwood, Mireille Enos, Alexia Fast, Jason Blicker, Christine Horne, Aaron Poole, William MacDonald, and Ian Matthews.

The crew has been filming at the former Saint Theresa’s Catholic school on Walford Road, in addition to a local hotel. They will continue filming in these locations until March 1; then they will be heading to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

While on a break from filing Reynolds’ actress wife, Blake Lively, joined him for a movie date.

“Queen of the Night,” directed by Atom Egoyanis, is due to hit theaters in 2014.

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