Saturday Night Live Targets Tim Tebow and Broncos, Jesus Christ

Saturday Night Live Tim Tebow – Then Saturday Night Live ran the Tim Tebow parody, most people laughed because it was funny, and it was more of a tease than an attack on someone else’s religion. But televangelist Pat Robertson slammed the show, calling it another example of “anti-Christian bigotry” in the United States. It didn’t end there because now liberal political commentator Ed Schultz defended the comedy skit and blasted Robertson.

The controversy surrounding the skit had also prompted Fox News Channel analyst Bob Beckel, also a liberal and Democrat, to weigh in. Beckel said it was despicable to display Jesus Christ on ‘SNL’ and NBC should be ashamed of themselves. In addition, he stated that it keeps drawing attention to Tebow and Christianity to make it into “some sort of a commercial operation.”

During his nationally syndicated talk radio show Schultz spoke about comments Robertson made about Saturday Night Live’s spoof of Tebow.

In this comical skit Jason Sudeikis, acting as Jesus, came down to the Denver Broncos locker room to discuss a trying matter with Tim and his teammates following their miracle win against the Bears. Jesus told the NFL team that they need to step up their game because he was a busy man.

Schultz felt that the show was “poking fun” at Tebow.

Schultz basically stated that it is alright for Saturday Night Live to perform the skit due to their first amendment rights.

Do you think the Saturday Night Live Tim Tebow parody went to too far?

Watch the SNL video:

Watch the Pat Robertson video:

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