Schwarzenegger, DeVito Twins 2

Schwarzenegger DeVito Twins 2 – There’s a rumor that a new Schwarzenegger DeVito Twins 2 movie could be near. Arnold Schwarzenegger has plans to make movies once again. The former California Governor has about 752 different projects he could be involved in.

Many of the projects are sequels to existing franchises. Here’s another one to add to the list, and it may be the best idea yet. How about a sequel to Twins?

You remember Twins, don’t you? The 1988 movie was Arnold’s attempt to prove he was more than an action star by starring opposite Danny DeVito in a comedy about two brothers who couldn’t possibly look less brothers if they tried. Here’s the thing about Twins… it was actually kind of funny. In the time since that movie was made, if you’ve watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia you know that Danny DeVito has actually gotten even funnier. Oh and Arnold, while he still has the accent, his English has gotten better too. He’s probably even a better actor. Putting those two back together for another installment could be a lot of fun, couldn’t it? And at least it’s closer to thinking outside the box than churning out another installment of The Running Man.

So what’s the chance that this could really happen? The Twins 2 rumor originates over at What’s Playing, where more often than not they know what’s up. They say Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and Twins director Ivan Reitman still keep in touch and really want to work together again. What’s more, Universal Pictures would really like them to work together, and has pitched this Twins Redux idea to them.