Sean Young Wants Apology After Getting Arrested

Sean Young responded to questions after she was arrested and blames the incident on a “very stupid security guard” at the official post-Oscars party last Sunday.

Before police arrived, Sean Young was placed under citizen’s arrest by security guards after allegedly slapping a staff member when she was refused entry, but she claims she did nothing wrong and wants a public apology from the Academy.

Writing on her Facebook page, she said: “I just want everyone to know that I was sober, extremely well behaved when a very stupid security guard went postal on me and then the Academy’s very stupid lawyer recommended a ‘private person’s arrest’ and I have grounds for a lawsuit against the Academy although I believe a public apology to me would be much better.”

Young, who has battled alcohol addiction in the past, claims she was mishandled by the security guard and has the evidence to prove it.

“I am OK and I have the Hollywood Police Stations support who very carefully and kindly photographed the bruises on my arms which this guard is responsible for doing.”

Young was taken into custody by Los Angeles police officer soon after the alleged incident at the Hollywood Renaissance hotel. She reportedly posted a $20,000 bail after she was booked on misdemeanour battery charges.

Earlier in the night, Young was spotted by USA TODAY reporter Claudia Puig at the Oscar event. At the bar, Brad Pitt was handing a flute of bubbly to Angelina Jolie when Young appeared and asked the couple to pose for a picture with her.

“Darling, we have the same hair dresser, and girls like us need help with our hair,” she told Jolie.

They graciously posed, and told her it was nice to see her. Young, who was wearing a black fur stole, said she was hitting up everybody she saw for photos.

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