Sega Launches Odd Urine Controlled Video Game ‘Toylet’ In Tokyo

Sega launches odd urine controlled video game in Tokyo. Sega launches an odd urine controlled video game for men’s Toylets. The company is testing consoles called “Toylets” around Tokyo.

Call it odd, but it’s for real, and Sega wants video gamers to be controlled by urine. The company has proclaimed that it has installed testing consoles called “Toylets” around Tokyo. It will ask the user to tactically vary the strength and location of his stream to play a series of games.

It measures the speed and intensity of the male video player’s water flow. Each urinal is installed with a pressure sensor to measure the strength and the location of the stream as it hits the basin. An LCD screen is placed on the wall above, which lets you select from and play four different mini-games.

The video screen displays the graphics and rewards the strength, length and accuracy of the pee through a points system. The games are installed to make restrooms more amusing and also to keep the user’s eye on the target.