Selena Gomez And Controversial Cosmopolitan Cover Goes Viral

Selena Gomez has made the cover of Cosmopolitan even though she isn’t the type of go full-charge into adulthood, or wear racy racy exhibitionist-type wardrobes, but it all comes down to class and style.

The Cosmopolitan cover is geared at a young and hip crowd, perhaps Selena Gomez’s generation, but it did go a tad overboard.

The former Disney star is surrounded by headlines that include “50 Sex Tips” and “Your Orgasm Guaranteed,” with the subhead: “The New Tricks Experts Swear By.” That’s what we mean by going overboard and it might come as a shock to her younger fans. Will her fans believe she had anything to do with the text and wording from the cover?

But then again, this isn’t exactly Selena’s first Cosmopolitan cover, because she appeared on the Russian edition of the magazine last October. However, this one is the raciest so far. Some parent groups say many young teens read the magazine, and are introduced to causal sex via articles glamorizing promiscuity.

Moreover, using celebrities on covers with a large teen following like Gomez, encourages 12- to 14-year-olds to pick up the magazine and read these articles. The girls are growing up way too fast.

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