Selena Gomez Mother Suffers Miscarriage, Justin Bieber Speeds To Hospital

Selena Gomez Mother Miscarriage – Selena Gomez, who recently had a birthday, was performing at the Cali Christmas concert when her mother suffered a miscarriage. Justin Bieber rushed to the hospital to be with the family. Several concert dates have been either been postponed or canceled as a result.

After abruptly canceling two concert dates to what was said to be a “family emergency,” A source has reported to E! Online that Selena Gomez’s mother suffered a miscarriage.

The holiday themed concerts where to take place last Saturday and Sunday in Chicago and Seattle.

Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey was expecting to have a child at the age of 35 with Gomez’s stepfather Brian Teefey, according to a tweet from Gomez last month.

However while attending a Christmas concert in Los Angeles on Friday night she received the news and rushed home to be with the family.

Gomez’s next scheduled performance is for MTV’s New Years Eve party next weekend. It is not yet known if she will still attend.

Gomez told People magazine in 2009 that she had an interest in acting at a very young age from watching her mother, a former stage actress, practice her lines during rehearsal.

The announcement that Selena Gomez’s mother had a miscarriage comes as a shock because we recently published an article about how excited the family was. It comes as a shock and it’s the worse time of year for something like this to happen. The good news is that her mom is surrounded by a caring family and that’s needed during a time of crisis.

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