Sesame Street Divorce Fairy Ready To Teach Children

Sesame Street enlisted Abby Cadabby, the Muppet fairy-in-training to teach children about divorce. In fact, it’s the first time that the kid’s show will have “the talk” with millions of viewers in an upcoming episode.

Cadabby will host the 13-minute segment who tells Gordon, Elmo and Rosita about her two houses.

“This one is where I live with my mommy,” Abby explains holding the drawing, “and this one is where I live with my daddy.”

This is the second time the show produces a segment on divorce. The first time was in 1992 during a clip in which Snuffy’s dad is moving out of their cave. The segment never made it to the air as it failed to pass a screening test with preschoolers leaving the children crying, confused and wondering if their own parents were going to divorce.

According to Time magazine, this time around the test audience was very pleased with what they saw. “It’s not her fault,” said a 7-year-old said of the video and, “It made me feel happy, because Abby told Gordon a lot of her mixed feelings,” said another.

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