Seyfried And Hartnett Relationship Already Over

The quiet relationship between actress Amanda Seyfried and actor Josh Hartnett is already over, according to multiple reports. The former couple started dating last January.

A source is reporting to Us Weekly that the secret relationship between the 26 and 33-year-old actors is running out of steam.

“His pattern is to get tired of girls. They were really hot for each other for a while, but she had to go to London for Les Mis (filming) and she’s been there for months,” the source reported.

Adding, “He went to visit a few times, but they just didn’t end up caring enough to work that hard for it.”

The couple was last spotted together in May, out at a farmer’s market in West Hollywood, but apparently they have drifted apart since then.

Another source claims the relationship has gone south because of Seyfried, “She’s kind of a super clingy girlfriend, and he doesn’t want that.” A second source went on to tell Us Weekly, “He really likes his space, and she wasn’t happy about that.”

However, the first source believes it isn’t a total break-up but rather a cooling down period.

“They might hook up when she’s back in town, the source stated. “He thinks she’s fun and interesting.”

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