Shanna Moakler Puppy Taken By Hawk Near California Home

Playmate and Former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler is ready to wage war on the wildlife around her California home after a hawk attacked one of her dogs and flew off with the other one, and a coyote had taken one of her cats earlier in the month.

After the most-recent incident on Monday, Moakler posted a warning to the coyotes and eagles around her neighborhood, on her Twitter account. “An eagle attacked my 2 chi’s today, my girl pup is at the vet, my boy is missing, between my cat and my pups, I’m about to f****** kill things,” she tweeted.

She later told, “I live in a neighborhood where coyotes and hawks are prevalent. We took the dogs outside to go to the bathroom and they were attacked by a hawk. My one puppy may have lost an eye, we won’t know for a couple weeks and the bird flew off with my other puppy. It was like out of a movie.”

After losing her cat to a coyote earlier in the month Moakler said she had fences to stop the predators from attacking her pets, but she left the skies defenseless, and now she is warning her neighbors to watch out for their own pets.

“I just hope people with small dogs will start taking precautions with their pets outside and try to protect them from predators. I hope people just remember not to take things for granted as you never know when they can be gone, both people and fur babies,” Moakler says.

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