Shannen Doherty 911 Call With Fan Contemplating Suicide

Shannen Doherty made a call to 911 after one of her Twitter fans stated they were going to commit suicide at their home in New Jersey. The “Beverly Hills 90210” actress, who lives in California, notified authorities in New Jersey.

The Westampton Township police department took the call as the actress informed them that 27-year-old fan had made some suicidal tweets stating she wanted to shoot herself.

In the 911 call obtained by TMZ, Doherty says, “My name is Shannen Doherty and I’m an actress. I’m on Twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself, and she lives somewhere over there.”

Shannen then explains, “I have no idea the correct response, I am completely untrained to deal with someone threatening suicide especially over Twitter.”

Doherty then tells the 911 operator that the fan stated she does have a gun and is about to shoot herself. The operator then asks her to try to get the girl’s address from her, which she was successful in doing.

Doherty also explains that in the past, her security team had wanted to her to block the girl from her account because they felt she was a threat to her.

“She is definitely not fully mentally capable at this point,” she said. “My security guys told me to block her because she is super aggressive and was very erratic, so they wanted me to block her, but I haven’t done it because I felt bad for her to be honest.”

Shannen then tells the operator that she is “freaking out” and feels like she can’t do anything for the fan. The operator stayed on the phone with her until they reached the fans home. They found that the 27-year-olds threats meaningless, and that she was just fine and not actually going to kill herself.

While waiting on the line for police to arrive at the fan’s house the operator explained that his co-workers couldn’t believe who he was on the phone with. Shannen replied by saying to tell them she says “Hi.”

After finding out the fan was not suicidal after all, Shannen tweeted a message to the police department for their help. “Thank you to the Westampton police department for being diligent and so reassuring,” she wrote.

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