Sharon Stone Sued By Nanny For Various Harassment Claims

Actress Sharon Stone is being sued by her ex-nanny because of the harassment she claims to have suffered while working for the movie star for several years.

In the suit, Erlinda T. Elemen alleges to have been an ex-nanny for Stones 3 children and claims that she was subjected to disparaging remarks by Stone about her ethnicity and religious beliefs, and she was illegally fired for receiving rightfully obtained overtime pay.

Elemen’s claims that she was told by Stone to not talk to the children because she did not want them to talk to talk like her, by picking up on her Filipino accent.

She claims Stone often made derogatory comments about her ethnic foods and often made comments “which equated being Filipino with being stupid.”

Elemen’s went onto claim she was forbidden to read the bible in the Stone’s residence even in her own private room, and was often made fun of for attending church. She says Stone then fired her after having to pay her for overtime she rightfully earned and accused Elemen’s of stealing it and called it illegal.

Erlinda’s attorney, Solomon Gresen told The Wrap, “It’s unfortunate when a California employee has to endure harassment, particularly a live-in employee who has little power to avoid the behavior.”

The 52-year-old ex-nanny is looking for unspecified damages.

Stone’s reps released a statement calling the suit by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired a year and a half ago, “absurd” and that she is just looking for a way to get some money.

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