Sheen’s Assistant Found Dead In Los Angeles Apartment

Rick Calamaro, who was Charlie Sheen’s dear friend and once personal assistant, was found dead Sunday in his Los Angeles apartment.

However, according to authorities the 46-year-old had been deceased for a number of days before they discovered him.

“Numerous pain medications and an open bottle of alcohol” were scattered throughout his apartment, TMZ reported.

Calamaro was with Sheen during his well-known 36-hour drug binge in October 2010, and appeared to be a very close friend of his. Since the incident, many have thought and told the promoter that they feel he was not a good influence on Sheen. It has even been alleged that he supplied the “Anger Management” star with his abundance of drugs over the years.

It will most likely be several weeks before toxicology reports come back, and Calamaro’s cause of death is determined; however, many people are already speculating due to the bottle found in his home.

Sheen has not yet made a statement about his long-time friend’s passing. It is unknown when Charlie was last in contact with Rick, he was known to come in and out of his crazy life over the past few years.

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