Sinead O’Connor Divorce Plans Postponed

Sinead O’Connor Divorce – Sinead O’Connor’s plans to divorce her husband have been called off.

The Irish singer-songwriter married her fourth husband, substance-abuse therapist Barry Herridge, on December 9, 2011 in Las Vegas. Despite only being married for seventeen days and seven actual days of living at the same residence, they chose to go their separate ways.

However, someone has had a change of heart because they have chosen not to split. Previous to this change of events, O’Connor took time to update her fans about her situation on her website.

She announced that her separation from her husband was due to the people in his life that urged him to stay away from her. At the same time, it seems as though they had good reason to want the couple to divorce.

During their wedding night in Las Vegas, Sinead chose to go on a hunt for marijuana; however, she ended up with a load of crack instead. To say the least Herridge, a substance-abuse therapist, was a bit frightened over the whole ordeal.

In September, O’Connor wrote suicidal thoughts on her Twitter page, but then apologized the next day.

Well, now that Sinead has managed to persuade this husband to come back, she has made plans to slow things down for a while and even attend counseling sessions. At the age of 37, O’Connor was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after the birth of her third child.

This may affect her erratic behavior at times. People who are bi-polar experience manic episodes that leave them with have little or no inhibitions. They tend to be cruel to others and enjoy manipulating them. In addition, they have a tendency to blame people for mistakes they have made.

Here’s a video of Sinead O’Connor talking about her bipolar diagnosis:

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