Singer Attacked In Houston By Fan Wanting Autograph

The lead singer of the Latin music band La Mafia was attacked outside of a night club in Houston early Monday morning.

Reportedly, a fan of Oscar De La Rosa became upset when he refused to give him an autograph.

“This person was in the club and had wanted a photo with Oscar. And sometimes when he goes out for entertainment he doesn’t like taking pictures,” Band co-founder Armando Lichtenberger Jr. said.

So, the man waited for the singer to leave the Blur Bar in Montrose, and then he attacked both him and his driver.

De La Rosa received multiple head wounds, and he and his driver were knocked unconscious in the unprovoked attack.

“He sucker-punched the driver, knocked him half unconscious, and then he went at Oscar and started pounding on his face,” said Lichtenberger.

He added that his bandmate has facial cuts, eye damage, and he lost two teeth.

La Mafia is considering canceling upcoming performances because of the singers injuries. No arrest have been made.

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