Snooki hit with $7 million counterclaim lawsuit

Snooki Lawsuit – Jersey Shore’s Snooki has been hit with a $7 million counterclaim in her lawsuit with SRG Ventures, a licensing company.

Her real name, Nicole Polizzi, was signed and documented into a partnership with SRG to create and sell merchandise last year relating to the Jersey Shore character.

So what happened? Well, back in October Polizzi wanted to back out of the contract and filed a lawsuit to do so, citing that the company did not fulfill its obligations to raise enough money or get her branding partnerships.

The counterclaim filed by SRG names Polizzi and management company Neon Entertainment, and claims Snooki herself sabotaged the contract by going behind SRG Ventures back to try and negotiate with brands herself.

SRG is also saying that she did not act upon the deals they brought to her such as Snooki-styled school supplies, lingerie, watches, shoes and watches, in a timely manner.

“Ms. Polizzi disputes SRG’s version of the facts and looks forward to her day in court,” Snooki’s rep told the Post, when questioned about the lawsuit.

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