Snoop Dogg Arrested: Rapper Gets Citation For Marijuana Possession At Border

Snoop Dogg Arrested – Border agents in Texas arrested Snoop Dog after a drug sniffing dog found marijuana on Saturday. The singer said he used it for “medical purposes.” It was the same highway checkpoint stop that got Willie Nelson arrested in 2010 for pot possession.

In a statement released by the Hudspeth County sheriff’s office, it said during the check of Calvin Broadus’s, the rapper’s real name, tour bus there were several marijuana cigarettes found.

Snoop Dogg was charged with misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession. The rolled marijuana cigarettes where found in a trash can along with some more marijuana found in two separate containers which in all, amounted to 0.13 pounds.

After being detained Snoop Dogg admitted to the drugs belonging to him and was released, according to the sheriff’s office.

The rapper does own a license for the use of medical marijuana in California, which helps with migraines and blurred vision that he suffers from, but the law is different in Texas.

If Snoop Dogg submits a “no-contest” plea he will be required to mail in a fine that could be up to $500.

Aside from several drug arrests since graduating from high school, Snoop Dogg has dealt with a variety of other legal issues.

The most serious being charged was the murder of a rival gang member in 1993, when he was caught driving the same vehicle that fired the deadly shots. He battled the case for three years with Johnnie Cochran as his lawyer, but Snoop Dogg was eventually acquitted, the bodyguard was also acquitted ongrounds of self-defense.

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