Sofia Vergara Debuts Saturday Night Live And Receives Great Reviews

Actress Sofia Vergara gave her “Saturday Night Live” debut this weekend and it received great reviews among the critics. The “Modern Family” star had a lot of sketches as well the commercials. In the ads, she promoted the new “Three Stooges” movie, Cover Girl, Diet Pepsi and her products at Kmart. But the charming actress can sell the comedy, too.

In Vergara’s monologue, the Colombian sex symbol joked about being an immigrant in America: “This country welcomed me with open arms and pulled-down pants.” She made fun of her accent and her beauty. In her first sketch, Vergara offered a first-rate impression of loud-talking Fran Drescher, who joked, “I love a challenge. I was born mute.”

Vergara got the audience on her side from the beginning. She clearly was having fun as a reporter covering the Hunger Games with deadly results. She was a TV anchor filming a commercial with a goofy chopper pilot (Fred Armisen). She played herself filming a shampoo commercial, and she was a sex-ed teacher lecturing Gilly (Kristen Wiig).

In the zany “Manuel Ortiz Show,” Vergara was a guest who met her birth mother (Wiig again) — and quickly learned her husband was sleeping with mom. In that last one, “SNL” enlisted musical guest One Direction to play Vergara’s children.

One Direction seemed to be a hit with the studio audience. The show also served up a string of commercials that had the studio audience guffawing. Almost Pizza is something you don’t want to eat, and “Just Friends” pants are for straight men who don’t want to be mistaken as a gay couple.

The other highlights included Wiig’s impersonation of Drew Barrymore and Kenan Thompson’s wacky take on Bishop Desmond Tutu. “SNL” opened by spoofing the public-speaking gaffes of Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis). (There were no Barack Obama jokes.)

On “Weekend Update,” Seth Meyers joked about Romney’s recent primary wins: “It looks like Republican voters have finally decided that it’s better to marry someone you don’t love than it is to die alone.”

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