Soul Singer J. Blackfoot Dies

J. Blackfoot Dies – Soul singer and former member of the group ‘The Soul Children’ in the late 1960s and 1970s, J. Blackfoot has passed away at the age of 65.

Blackfoot’s real name was John Colbert and he was born in Greenville, Mississippi, while later moving to Memphis, Tennessee with his family as a child.

His passing came last Wednesday after finding out earlier in the year he had cancer. The family has announced plans for his memorial services to be on Friday.

The Soul Children had 15 hits on the R&B chart, including three that crossed over to the Billboard Hot 100, and recorded seven albums.

After Blackfoot’s stint with Soul Children he subsequently had a moderately successful solo career. His biggest hit was “Taxi”, which reached the charts in both the US and UK in 1984.

In 1980 Blackfoot married Allean Ward, with whom he had seven children. She died in 2010, followed in October this year by their oldest son. He is survived by four daughters, two sons and 16 grandchildren.