South Park Penn State Episode Tackles Sensitive Subject

South Park Penn State – The animated show, South Park, is known for being able to tackle sensitive subjects, so it’s no surprise that they decided to poke fun at Penn State. They didn’t so much build their show around the scandal as much as they used it as a running joke throughout the episode.

The South Park Penn State episode featured the character Kenny and his siblings. They were taken by police from their white trash, foul-mouthed parents. As they awaited their fate, the social worker joked with them, saying, “You’re going to be put in a foster home, so I need to know, would you like to go to Neverland Ranch, the Catholic Church or Penn State University?” He added, “We’re having fun here, aren’t we?!”

When one of the kids began to cry, he said, “I’m going to get you to smile! A Penn State administrator walks into a bar. Where’s that smile? How ’bout this one: Joe Paterno doesn’t walk into a police station. C’mon, that’s a good one.”

It should be noted that the character who kept making the jokes was portrayed as a hack comedian who, as noted by Cartman, was just rehashing old Catholic church and Michael Jackson jokes. It seemed like the South Park writers were more making fun of the people that were making fun of the colleges scandal and less making fun of it themselves.

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