Stacey Dash Gets Hospitalized For Dehydration, Possible Food Poisoning

Stacey Dash was reportedly rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles for dehydration after feeling sick. Dash, 46, is said to believe her illness is a result of a meal she ate over the weekend.

Dash was admitted to Encino Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning to receive treatment to boost her body fluids.

“I thought the pain from Sunday was going to go away, but it got worse and worse and it got to a point where I was really scared, so I rushed to the ER. The pain was so excruciating…I’ve never felt so bad in my life, I literally thought I was going to die,” Dash wrote in her blog.

“Thank God for the doctors who treated me. I am home now, in bed and feeling much better, and drinking lots of fluids. I could actually feel all of the prayers that came from my friends, supporters and family. ”

According to her spokesperson, Dash fell ill after a meal she ate on Sunday night, after which she “hadn’t been able to hold down food or liquids… not even water,” which sounds exactly like food poisoning.

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