Stamos Late Night Reunites Uncle Jesse

John Stamos appeared on Jimmy Fallon as one of the most popular fictional bands onto his “Late Night” show on Friday. Stamos, who was everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse, reunited with his “Full House” band “Jesse & The Rippers.”

The actor donned his signature mullet and leather vest one more time as he performed a medley of their greatest covers.

Stamos, 49, and his band rocked through a series of Beach Boys and Elvis classics before finishing with a real treat — the “Full House” theme song.

Adding to the blast from the past, actors Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner, and Lori Loughlin — Stamos’ on-screen wife Becky, joined in the fun by appearing in character.

Following Stamos’ performance, Full House alum Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone on the show, tweeted, “Do the Rippers need a harmonica player? I’m available!”

Stamos later wrote that he wished Coulier had been there.

Friday night’s performance was yet another treat for Full House fans, as Thursday night’s show saw Saget sit down with Late Night scribe Arthur Meyer, who is a super fan of the comedian.

Of course, Stamos’ onscreen wife Aunt Becky (Lori Laughlin) and Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) were yelling in the audience.

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