Star Trek Sequel By J.J. Abrams With Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci

Star Trek Sequel, few cinematic reboots of classic properties have had as much critical and popular success as J.J. Abrams’ 2009 take on “Star Trek,” so it’s no surprise that demand for the film’s inevitable sequel has not abated over the years.

It’s also no surprise that the sequel has been dogged by rumors, and here’s another one! TrekMovie is reporting “an exclusive update” that covers all manner of “Star Trek” sequel-related production notes, from shooting start date to script status to locations.

A source has told TrekMovie that the as-yet-untitled second “Star Trek” movie will start shooting on January 15, 2012. They also note that date is over four years after the official start date for the first film, which only serves to remind how long fans have wanted this sequel, particularly in a world where many franchises churn out a new entry every year or every other year. The film is reportedly looking for a 2013 release date.

They also report that the film’s script, from Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof, has been completed “for awhile” and that the scribes are in the midst of their third draft.

Other pieces of news run the gamut from, production designer Scott Chambliss is returning, construction has started for new sets, many of the old sets will be used again, effects work, ILM is on board again, locations, Abrams is reportedly scouting Hawaii to stand in for a “jungle planet” and other scenes will be filmed at a Los Angeles museum and on the Paramount lot, and casting, the main cast is all back on board and all new roles are currently being cast.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Philippe Dauman, the CEO of Viacom, had said JJ Abrams is “focused on developing the next instalment of our Star Trek franchise”, and revealed that the film is scheduled for potential release in 2013.

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