Steve Carell To Appear In “Office” Cameo

Steve Carell, the former Dunder Mifflin manager, might be making an appearance in the “Office” series finale, despite consistent reports that he will be sorely missed.

However, sources claim that the star’s return engagement qualifies as more of a cameo than a full-fledged guest appearance. It’s also unclear if Carell will be joined by his Office soul mate Amy Ryan.

An NBC spokesperson declined to comment, while Carell’s rep insists that the Office finale will be Scott-free.

On Saturday, Carell surprised thousands of Office fans when he joined his former co-stars at a huge “wrap party” held in the real Scranton town of Pennsylvania.

Sources claim that Carell’s appearance will be brief, but was kept a secret to surprise viewers for the grand finale of the series, which airs May 16.

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