Steve Martin Baby: Why Is Child Named Conquistador?

Steve Martin spoke to David Letterman about his baby girl, born in December, and why he named her Conquistador. Martin is currently promoting his new album, “Love Has Come for You.”

The first-time dad even brought a baby monitor to the set to keep an ear on the baby back at the hotel. Let’s just say things weren’t going very smoothly in the hotel room.

“It’s going great, first of all, because I have a wonderful wife and mother,” Martin said. “I’m paying her a compliment — everything is funny when I try to be serious, but I guess that’s good. It’s the nature of my business!”

Martin also spike about the name.

“Thought about the name quite a bit. CONQUISTADOR! What do you think?” he joked. “I didn’t want to go with one of those Hollywood, you know how they come up with the weird names. Conquistador says … it’s a statement.”

And in case you’re wondering how it’s pronounced, the new dad says it’s “Con-KWEE-stuh-dor.”

“Conquistador” is the first child for actor/writer/comic/banjo player and Stringfield, 41, a former staff member at the New Yorker. The couple were married in a surprise ceremony in 2007.

The banjo player collaborated with Edie Brickell, wife of Paul Simon, on “Love Has Come for You,” which was released Tuesday. The pair also performed on the show and will be touring together over the summer.

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