Steve O and Elisabetta Canalis Are The Odd Couple In Hollywood

Steve O is reportedly dating George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, but they’re not actually a match made in heaven, and a lot of people think they are the odd couple in Hollywood because it’s so unusual that a girl like herself would be attracted to a man who puts worms in his nose and spits them out through his mouth.

According to reports supermodel Elisabetta Canalis has gone from a relationship with leading man and Oscar winner George Clooney, to dating Jackass star Steve-O.

The unconfirmed rumors had been circulating for a while now that the two had been dating.

However TMZ was able to attain a recent photo of the two kissing while out a hair salon together.

Canalis’s relationship with Clooney had lasted for 18 months before the actor broke it off with her in 2011. It was reported Clooney, who is currently in a relationship with former WWE Diva, Stacey Keibler, initiated the break up due to the fact that the 33-year-old Canalis had let it be known of her wishes to be married someday and Clooney had stated that he tried that once before and it didn’t work out.

Steve O, who is most well known for his outrageous stunts for the ‘Jackass’ movies and MTV series, has have recently overcome addiction problems. After an episode with cocaine use, Steve-O sent an e-mail to co-star and friend Johnny Knoxville, that alarmed Knoxville. Believing Steve-O was going to commit suicide, Knoxville called Dr. Drew Pinsky, who had him admitted in to a psychiatric facility for 72 hours, which ended up being extended to 14 days.

Though Steve O had been arrested last year after arriving in Canada on a charge from an incident that occurred 8 years earlier, he has seemed to have gotten his life together, recently stating that the stunts for Jackass have gotten harder to do since he is now sober.

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