Steven Tyler Starts Off ‘American Idol’ By Making People Uneasy

Steven Tyler is known for being nice, whether he’s with Aerosmith on the stage or not, and for his wild side, but let’s hope he’s not taking testosterone supplements while he’s a judge on Season 11 of American Idol.

Tyler is already making people uneasy, especially when a beautiful Shannon Magrane, 15-year-old, who stands 6-feet tall, walked into the room for her audition. His eyes were rolling in other places as he whispered “wow.” But, that’s nothing compared to what happened next.

Shannon is the daughter of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joe Magrane. After meeting the extended Magrane family, Tyler joked with the World Series veteran about the weather in Boston during the summer, calling it “hot, humid and happening-just like your daughter.”

Well, the room got quiet after Tyler said that, it was a long uncomfortable silence, until Lopez broke the tension in the room by saying, “What a beautiful family.”

In spite of the inappropriate comment, Magrane is on her way to Hollywood. In either way we know that Steven Tyler means well and will probably be embarrassed when he watches what he said. Do you think the producers asked him to tone it down a bit?

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