Steven Tyler National Anthem Video – AFC Championship (WATCH)

Steve Tyler gave his heart when singing the National Anthem during the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, but now many people say the Aerosmith frontman butchered “The Star-Spangled Banner,” while others say it just sounds different because it was done by a rock artist.

The 63-year-old frontman for the Boston-based rock group gave it his best shot and it was Tyler that showed the team he supported by wearing his trademark scarf with a Patriots logo in red, white and blue sequins.

A favorite in the region because of his local ties, Tyler was cheered by the crowd anyway, but he was roundly condemned on Twitter by lurkers who watched the singing and couldn’t resist telling everyone what they thought.

The singer now wears the #failure hashtag on the social media network through hundreds of tweets from people lambasting him throughout the evening.

Tweets ranged from “What the hell is Steven Tyler doing sitting next to Robert Kraft in his booth? After that rendition of the anthem Tyler should be assaulted,” by @FutureEmigre to “BREAKING – Steven Tyler just informed that he will not be advancing to the second round of American Idol.” By @FauxJohnMadden.

Watch the video and judge for Tyler for yourself, but remember, he’s a rock artist who doesn’t do well in the opera genre. Give the guy some credit — 63 years-old and still doing what he loves the most.

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