Steven Tyler Wants To Be Faithful For Erin Brady

Steven Tyler Erin Brady – Steven Tyler says that he’s committed to staying faithful to his soon to be wife Erin Brady and he must mean it because the two were seen in a ceremony over the weekend, pictured with a woman thought to be Reverend Alalani, who was wearing a head dress.

The couple received a pre-marriage blessing, and that has sparked rumors that they have already gotten married. Reality TV Magazine reported that the woman conducting the ceremony works for a company called Kuhina. That report also noted that the company did confirm that Tyler and Erin participated in a “blessing” ceremony.

However, company representatives didn’t say much more.

During a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Aerosmith frontman admits that he’s ashamed of his womanizing past and that he wants to keep his girlfriend happy.

“For all the divorces I’ve had, I hurt those girls deeply, and there was some behavior that I’m ashamed of and I shouldn’t have done. I don’t want to hurt anybody again… I may come off as a sexual animal, and I definitely am on stage, ’cause trust me, I feel it myself.”

Tyler adds that he is still naturally inclined to sleep around, but he won’t because he knows that it would push Brady away:

“I’d like to go on a schtupping spree and screw every girl I see … But I don’t.”

A source told the National Enquirer that she was “very protective” of her famous boyfriend.

“She gets jealous even when he tosses [even] a sideways glance at another woman,” they said. “And during the auditions, he made it clear that he was more than a little interested in some of the young female contestants.”

But Erin is also credited with encouraging Tyler to take the job on Idol, which has reignited his career.

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