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Suge Knight and Rumor Of Tupac Organized Las Vegas Murder

05/08/2021 02:21 PM ET

It’s been almost two decades and the questions that surround Suge Knight on a hot Las Vegas night with a connection to the Tupac Shakur murder are still alive today, and in some ways this mystery is being passed onto another generation.

The rumor that Suge Knight paid to have Tupac Shakur murdered has been going on for almost 20 years

You can show any young hip hop fan a music video of Tupac today, and they love the music, but somehow they heard that he was killed after some brief brawl at the MGM in Los Vegas.

Little did he know that the photos would be his last. Any additional photos would be of the murder itself, showing the hip-hop star shot dead, as rumors swirled that it was all an act. Nevertheless, more rumors of Knight’s involvement and plot would surface only a year later.

Why would anyone want to murder a friend and be responsible for ending the life of the West Coast’s most promising hip-hop star? Wasn’t he worth more alive to Death Row Records? And how could it be him when the evidence points to a 3rd party who drove up near the vehicle to do the shooting?

It is a rumor that people continue to bring up. Tupac never got to see what Twitter was all about, but it certainly brings up the subject and conspiracy theories about his death. People love these stories because they want to finish the puzzle that leaves this case open and cold.

Shakur was shot 4 times in the chest by an unknown person driving a white Cadillac. This car then sped off into the night, leaving him bleeding to death, yet Suge Knight was barely grazed. Tupac was rushed to University Medical Center and underwent surgery, including the removal of his right lung.

Tupac died on Friday the 13th (September 13, 2021).


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