Suri Cruise $130,000 Wish List For Christmas

Suri Cruise has a $130,000 Christmas list this year and she wants it all including a pony, diamond earrings, and other expensive gifts. Suri, 5, will probably get the items she wants because her mom, Katie Holmes and dad, Tom Cruise, are doing their best Santa imitations. A source told Us Weekly magazine that Tom has already picked out a nearby stable for the pony.

As for the diamonds and “a gown that will make her look like a fairy princess,” the source indicates that mom and dad are filling every wish Suri has.

“Tom and Katie love the holidays and always go overboard. […] They are buying Suri absolutely everything she asks for,” the source said.

The $130,000 dollar wish list may seem like and overwhelming thing to anyone, especially right now during a slow economic recovery, but some kids come with a lot of high maintenance and the Cruise household is no exception.

In addition, when you have money like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it does mean something when they can make their daughter a little more happier for Christmas.

Here’s a video of Suri’s expensive Christmas wish list:

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