Susan Sarandon Tells Audience That Government Tapped Her Phone

Actress Susan Sarandon claims she has been under government surveillance, and has had her phone tapped. After one audience member asked both her and producer Michael Moore, two known activists, if they thought they were being watched by the FBI, The actress said, “We know we were under surveillance.”

Sarandon went onto say she knows she has been watched due to obtaining her file twice from the FBI through the Freedom of Information Act requests.

“I’ve had my phone tapped,” Susan claimed. “I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why. Do you know why?,” Susan asked about the government.

Moore said he has never thought about it, but he wouldn’t be surprised if at any time he was under surveillance.

Moore went on to suggest the government would not be the only one he would be worried about hacking his phone as he referenced the World News phone hacking scandal in the United Kingdom.

“I’ll make a prediction about the phone hacking thing and Murdoch,” Moore said. “It’s going to be discovered that it’s been going on here,” He mentioned Fox News — of which he is a longtime antagonist — as a likely culprit.

The government has tapped the phone of other celebrities in the past, such as Jane Fonda, but Susan Sarandon is the latest star that has an FBI file.

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