Tara Lipinski Becomes Fashion Designer With Johnny Weir

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are known for their turn as figure skate judges at the Sochi games, but it seems they’re now exploring fashion. Tara and Johnny joined the Today show’s Al Roker at the Kentucky Derby on May 2.

The Olympians weighed in on the latest trends in hats and fascinators. Unsurprisingly, the fashionable pair wore some very eye-catching toppers of their own, with Tara in a black feathered fascinator and Johnny sporting a pink floral piece with a silver veil.

When Roker asks him about his interesting accessory, Johnny, who was decked out in a bright green jacket for the occasion, explains: “I’m so inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Birdcage, La Cage aux Folles.”

And 31-year-old Tara tells the TV host that her own hat is “a feathered fascinator hatinator.”

The pair then explain exactly what a “hatinator” – one of the latest trends at the Derby – is: a hat on a headband. Hat designer Christine Moore models one for the judges.

“I love it,” says Tara. “I’m a huge fan of the fascinator to begin with, and if you’re at the Derby you have to wear a hat so it’s the perfect mix-up.”

Johnny agrees. “I find that it’s not so overwhelming if you want to show that face or show what’s going on,” he says.

Next a woman comes out modeling a bright yellow hat with an oversized bow which shades most of her face.

“I love yellow for springtime,” gushes Johnny. “And I think it’s absolutely the most elegant color. This is very hidden and I just absolutely love it. It’s mysterious!”

But for five-foot-one Tara, she expresses her worry that the accessory would swamp her.

“I would be bumping into things,” she laughs. “A small, tiny person with a big head is not a good idea!”

The final hat that the judges weigh up is a large red one that Roker describes as “go big or go home.”

“This is so Kentucky Derby, I love it,” says Tara, and Johnny adds: “This is the original.”

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