Tattoo Clothing Line H&M Under Attack

Tattoo Clothing Line Under Attack – A clothing line fashioned to and after a character in the movie “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” has come under attack for glorifying rape.

In the movie the fictional character Lisbeth Salander, played by Rooney Mara, is a victim of violent rape and abuse, and in turn starts to hunt down a man going around and raping and killing other women. Salander’s favorite clothes include a leather jacket, tight jeans and sturdy boots. She has a goth and grungy look.

Now the clothing designer, H&M has released a line similar to that of what Salander is seen wearing in the movie and it sold out in Los Angeles in just 10 minutes.

H&M is now under fire for a poor taste in judgement and insensitivity. In a blog titled “An Open Letter to H&M from a Rape Survivor,” blogger Natalie Kameef wrote:

“H&M, you have created a line of clothing based on her character: a woman who has suffered a lifetime of abuse, who is violently raped, and who is hunting down a man who violently rapes and kills other women. Lisbeth has been through hell, and her clothing is her armor. That’s her choice, and it’s an understandable choice. But you glamorize it, putting a glossy, trendy finish on the face of sexual violence and the rage and fear it leaves behind.”

In response a spokesman for the design company wrote in a statement to the Wall Street Journal:

“We have read the open letter by Natalie Karnefwe apologize if she or anyone has been offended by the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection by Trish Summerville — this has not in any way been our intent. The collection is based on and inspired by the film and character Lisbeth Salander and though we think Lisbeth is a strong woman who stands up for her ideal, we are not trying to represent her specifically.”

The spokesman also indicated that the company felt there was nothing wrong with selling the jeans, biker jackets and t-shirts that are a staple in many peoples wardrobes and that it is how each individual choses to wear them.

The tattoo clothing line feels that they have a right to sell any fashion that the attacks have no merit, except to promote an online blog.

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