Taylor Hicks Starting Las Vegas Show At Bally’s

Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee and even Kellie Pickler may be the most well known ‘American Idol’ contestants to come from season 5 in 2006, but the eventual winner, the grey-haired Taylor Hicks, is the one getting his own Las Vegas show.

Hicks became the oldest contestant to win ‘Idol’ when he won at the age of 29, he also has sold the least amount of records compared to other ‘Idol’ winners.

Now Hicks will begin a 40 show, eight-week residency at Bally’s in Las Vegas starting June 26th.

“A residency in Las Vegas is one of those opportunities an entertainer dreams about. Vegas is where Sinatra’s Rat Pack and America’s greatest talents make musical history,” says Hicks. “To join those ranks is both humbling and thrilling. My goal is to live up to that legacy of live showmanship.”

Bally’s Las Vegas President David Hoenemeyer said, “It’s not every day that a property on the Las Vegas Strip can announce that an ‘American Idol’ winner will be a headlining act. We are very excited to welcome Taylor to Bally’s. Taylor won the hearts of fans across America when he competed on ‘American Idol,’ and I am sure that he will have just as many fans among our property’s guests.”

The Taylor Hicks fan base is known as the ‘soul patrol’ and he has a blues voice and plays the harmonica. In 2008 he portrayed ‘Teen Angel’ in a 18 month traveling Broadway play of “Grease.”

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