Taylor Kinney Kisses Lady Gaga In Public, Sharing Affections

Taylor Kinney And Lady Gaga – There’s been speculation that Taylor Kinney has been dating Lady Gaga for about a month now, but now the evidence was put on public display for everyone to see. The “Bad Romance” singer, 25, was seen with the actor, 30, holding hands and showing a lot of steamy lip service. They are not “just friends,” these two beautiful people are in a relationship.

Gaga has reportedly been looking to purchase a new home in Kinney’s home state, where his family lives.

In the just-released shots taken December 11, both are clad in dark colors and sunglasses: Gaga in a leather jacket and knee-high boots, and Kinney in grey pants with a San Diego Padres baseball cap and a t-shirt advertising bike-maker Ducati.

A eyewitness told Star magazine that Gaga and Kinney held little back in showing off their affections for one another at a San Diego bar back in September.

“She and Taylor were flirting all night and kept smacking each other’s butts,” the witness told Star. “She was grinning from ear to ear.”

Kinney’s biggest role-to-date has come with seven episodes of the TV series The Vampire Diaries. He’s also been seen on Trauma, CSI: NY, Fashion House and Bones.

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