Taylor Swift Debuts Hunger Games Soundtrack “Safe & Sound”

Taylor Swift debuted her music video for “Safe and Sound,” a song she wrote with the Civil Wars for “The Hunger Games” soundtrack, on Monday, Feb. 13.

While the mere presence of Taylor Swift may be enough to satisfy her fans, those watching simply because of the song’s relationship with “The Hunger Games” could be disappointed.

While the slow melody of the song captures the downhearted atmosphere of several scenes in the film, the video does not otherwise feature any other connections with the movie.

During the video, images of the singer wandering barefoot reign supreme with no sign of clips featuring the film’s major characters Katniss or Peeta in sight.

Instead, the video mostly consists of Swift vacantly roaming a wintery forest and resting dejectedly on a grave site while the equally gloomy tune plays.

Grammy-winning folk duo the Civil Wars also appear during brief clips in the video, dressed in black and sitting next to a fire.

“Safe and Sound” is one of two songs by Swift on the Hunger Games soundtrack. The other is titled “Eyes Wide Open.”

What do you think of the Swift song?

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