Taylor Swift Named ‘Billboard’ Woman of the Year In Music

Taylor Swift Woman Of The Year – Taylor Swift attended Billboard’s sixth annual Women in Music event where she won ‘Woman Of The Year’ for 2011.

“It’s an amazing way to end what’s really been an incredible year,” the singer said about Friday’s ‘Billboard’ honor.

Held at a swank downtown restaurant, the lunchtime event commemorated the publication of the trade magazine’s Women In Music Power Players list, which acknowledges leading female executives. Two additional awards were presented to artists, for Woman of the Year Award and Rising Star.

Respective winners Swift and Minaj were the main attraction, of course. Arriving on the red carpet in a matching belted dress and tan heels, her hair wore down with bangs, Swift — who turns 22 on Dec. 3 — gushed that it was “magical” to receive the honor. “I get to wear this beautiful dress and go to this wonderful event. It’s an amazing way to end what’s really been an incredible year.”

Swift added that she’s a huge Minaj fan: “She’s one of my favorite artists to come along in the past couple of years, and Super Bass is my favorite song of the year.”

Katie Couric and Robin Roberts, there to conduct short post-lunch interviews with the pop stars — Couric spoke with Swift, Roberts with Minaj — expressed their admiration for their subjects. Couric, also in a red dress — she would quip on stage that she and Swift had planned their outfits together — had brought her 15-year-old daughter along.