Television Actors and Celebrities Who Were Replaced

A list of television actors who were replaced before our very eyes. Charlie Sheen was the highest paid actor for a sitcom on “Two and a Half Men.” He soon learned the hard way that a job can only go so far before someone else grabs it.

Spin City – Michael J. Fox left spin city because of his parkinson’s disease. Oddly enough he was successfully replaced by Charlie Sheen.

Roseanne – We know kids change fast but when Roseanne’s eldest daughter got out of control behind the scenes, it was a shock to everyone involved. Alicia Goranson left the show for college and was replaced by future Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke.

Twilight – The first two movies saw Rachelle Lefevre play vampire Victoria, but she was replaced with Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas for Eclipse. Apparently, Rachelle Lefevre’s scheduling conflicts got in the way as she spent 10 days filming Barney’s Version. She seemed a little shocked about being booted out over such a small conflict.

Transformers Movies – The whole Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay saga led to Megan’s downfall. She was easily replaced by another incredible actress in the third movie. That actress was Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Harry Potter – The original Albus Dumbledore that adorned our screens in the first two movies was replaced. Sadly, actor Richard Harris died of cancer. However, Michael Gambon was a fine replacement and made the role his own.

Batman – Although Batman has been portrayed many times by many actors, but one notable change came when the reboot saw Bruce Wayne’s love interest Rachel Dawes switch between movies. Katie Holmes turned down the Dark Night due to scheduling conflicts, but it emerged later it may have been Tom Cruise telling as the primary reason.