Teresa Giudice Faces More Bullying On Real Housewives

Teresa Giudice says she’s tired of the bullying from Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo on the show. It seems the two had an argument about some comments made in their recent Fabulicious cookbook.

“The apologies were always for the cameras, for the public reaction,” Manzo told Us Weekly. “I’m never going to accept it so [she should] shut up already. Just say to me, ‘I was so angry about you and I was a bit–‘.”

Manzo described Giudice as a “sociopath” and a “fraud”, adding: “Understand one thing: I have never attacked her, never said anything that wasn’t in response to something she said to me. I do get agitated and I’m only human.

“If [viewers] think I’m a bully, that’s fine. I just want my husband and kids to love Caroline Manzo and I’m good. If I have to be the most hated woman in the country because of that moment, so be it. That’s my truth.”

Meanwhile, Giudice claimed that Manzo thinks she is “better than everybody”, saying: “What she says doesn’t really bother me. Caroline has nothing on me. I don’t know what’s happening in her head. She’s a very angry person.” There’s not a show without some bullying towards her.

Manzo recently signed a book deal and will release “Let Me Tell You Something” in March 2013.

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