Terra Nova Gets Cancelled By FOX After Season Debut

Terra Nova Cancelled – Terra Nova, the Stephen Spielberg sci-fi drama, has been cancelled after one season with FOX.

FOX cited insufficient rating’s for such a high cost production for the cancellation. However, the production company who produced the show will try to shop the show to other networks.

The likelihood of it getting picked up by another network, without many compromises, are little due the fact cable networks have smaller budgets to work with then the major ones.

Sci-fi fans tuning into the Steven Spielberg program complained about disappointing story lines. The show premiered to a 3.1 rating that had dropped to a 2.2 rating for the season finale.

The plot of ‘Terra Nova’ followed the story of humans from the 22nd century traveling back in time to restart the human civilization amongst dinosaur’s after destroying the planet in the future. The name of the show is after the compound in which the new settlers lived in when they traveled back in time.

According to the LA Times, the pilot for the show alone cost $20 million.

FOX has already axed one other show this year, which was the animated half hour, Jonah Hill voiced, “Allen Gregory” sitcom. It is thought that FOX may also be looking at axing other show’s such as “Touch,” “Alcatraz,” and one time favorite, “Fringe.”

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