Thomas Kinkade Was Up Drinking ‘All Night’ Of Death

Since the unexpected death of Thomas Kinkade on April 6th an autopsy performed has been inconclusive and the coroner now awaits toxicology reports with news coming out that the painter may have been drinking all night the evening he was said to have died in his sleep.

Since the 54-year-olds death more of his life problems have come to light which seemed to be revolved around his battles with alcoholism. His brother Patrick had indicated that he had been recovering but obviously must have had a set back. “You can be doing real real well and suddenly, the bottle calls you and you fall off,” Patrick told the TODAY show.

On the night of his death Kinkade’s live in girlfriend, Amy Pinto called 911 after he had stopped breathing. A recording of the dispatcher relaying information to the firefighters enroute to Kinkade’s San Francisco home said, “Apparently he’s been drinking all night and not moving.”

Patrick went on to explain his divorce to his wife two years ago along with attacks by art critics over his work and financial troubles were a recipe for failure in his brothers battle with alcoholism.

“He would shoulder the world, pull the naysayers on his back and smile when he was doing it,” Patrick said to the Mercury News.

He added, “As much as he said it didn’t bother him, in his heart deep down inside, it would sadden him that people would criticize so hatefully his work and his vision when people didn’t understand him.”

The toxicology report on Thomas Kinkade may take several months as the testing lab in California has indicated a back log of cases causing severe delays.

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