Ticketmaster To Give Refunds On 12 years For Processing Fees

Ticketmaster To Give Refunds – Ticketmaster will give customer refunds on all processing fees for up to 12 years. If you used the company between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011, you can expect your money next year.

They have been ordered in a settlement to give back $1.50 for each item ordered, up to 17 each, because the company profited off of “processing fees”.

Ticketmaster does not receive any of the advertised ticket price when a ticket is sold.[citation needed] Instead, income is derived from service fees. Consumers often find these markups unreasonably excessive, especially because there are many instances where no alternative purchase method is offered that would allow avoidance of the fees.

Two Ticketmaster customers filed a class action lawsuit claiming that Ticketmaster’s Order Processing Fees and UPS Expedited Delivery Prices of tickets are excessive and deceptive. Ticketmaster had disputed each of Plaintiffs’ claims, reads the court document overview.

This doesn’t mean the company won’t stop doing so, it just means that they have to tell the customer about the fee. In addition, customers who had the tickets mailed to them via UPS will get $5.00 credit for each ticket.

If less than $11.25 million is given to customers, Ticketmaster will give the rest to charity. Lawyers also plan to ask for $16.5 million in attorneys’ fees and $20,000 to the two plantiffs who filed the class action lawsuit.

Ticketmaster sells many of its tickets online, some via phone, and some through its many ticket outlets. The money will not be given before April 15, but should be delivered within thirty days of the settlement approval, May 29.