Tiffany Thornton Announces She’s Pregnant

Tiffany Thornton announced that she’s pregnant again and has posted a photo of herself holding a growing belly. The Disney star said that she and husband Christopher Carney are expecting their second child together.

“Thanks so much for all the congrats :). Chris and I are so excited to announce that KJ is going to be a big brother!!! What a blessing,” she wrote.

In the photo post, she’s seen wearing jeans and black sweater looking noticeably pregnant with some of her friends.

“Guess what?! Hint: why am I holding my stomach?” Thornton said.

Just like her first pregnancy, the actress is going to keep the fans updated about her regular expectant mother routines.

Thornton, 27, has a son Kenneth James who was born in August 2012. No sooner did the Game Change actress announced the happy news than the greetings started flowing over Twitter and other social media network.

The couple married in November 2011.

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