Vanessa Macias Dating Spurs Star Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan finds new romance following recent divorce.

Tim Duncan appears to have moved on from his ex-wife and into the arms of Vanessa Macias. The two have been seen together everywhere and sources say that the relationship is getting very heated.

The San Antonio Spurs star is apparently dating his new love, a former reality television star and media personality.

The 33-year-old was recently spotted courtside at one of Duncan’s games wearing a Spurs tank top.

This isn’t the first time that Macias has found herself in the spotlight. Duncan’s alleged new girlfriend starred on the 20th incarnation of “The Amazing Race” in 2012, competing with former boyfriend Ralph Kelley and finishing in fourth place.

The San Antonio Spurs player finalized his divorce to wife Amy Duncan during a private home visit by a judge at the athlete’s lawyer’s offices on Nov. 19.

District Judge David A. Canales granted the divorce and told the San Antonio Express-News he held the hearing during his lunch hour at the offices of lawyer Sue Hall, at her request. The former couple and their lawyers were present.

“I would say it’s highly unusual, but I think it would be highly disruptive for them to come to court,” said attorney Jean Brown, who practices family law.

Canales told the publication it was not out of the ordinary for a judge to hold an on-the-record hearing off-site, though it was the first time he has been asked to do it. The judge said the former couple felt uncomfortable going to court because of the possibility of paparazzi taking pictures of them.

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