Tim Tebow Sings At Brad Paisley Concert

Tim Tebow joins the stage with country singer Brad Paisley to sing a song last weekend at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

During his concert, Paisley a life long Cleveland Browns fan, paused and asked Tebow, who was in the audience, to come on to the stage, “We’ve seen you throw an 80-yard touchdown pass, but can you sing?”

Tebow appeared in front of a cheering home crowd, and sang ‘I’m Still a Guy,’ to which Tebow did not sound like the next American Idol by a long shot, but was still wildly cheered as he sang.

Afterwards, Paisley wrote on his Twitter account to thank Tebow, “Thanks for singing with me @TimTebow. But don’t quit your day job pal. Still a Guy has never been so exciting. Or quite so beautifully off key.”

Tebow didn’t seem to take Paisley’s advice to heart, writing back, “Had a great time hanging out with my brothers and friends at the Brad Paisley concert in Denver this past weekend … awesome show!”

Tebow has actually joined Paisley on stage before, about three years ago in Florida while Tebow was a member of the Florida Gators. In 2008 Paisley also invited then Browns quarterback Brady Quinn to a concert in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

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