Timothy Busfield And Sexual Battery Incident During Date

Actor Timothy Busfield went on a date last Wednesday night and has been accused of sexual battery by the unidentified woman after watching a movie. Busfield admitted that the two talked, flirted, and began kissing.

However, at some point the actor allegedly touched the on her private areas and it caused her to file a police report the next day about the incident.

Busfield has not been arrested, but authorities are still investigating the case.

Given that he hasn’t addressed the situation in the press, it’s unclear what he might say, or whether a crime was even committed for that matter.

You might remember Busfield from “Field of Dreams,” “The West Wing,” “Revenge of the Nerds” or as Elliot on “thirty something.”

There isn’t much information given about the incident, but police said they will interview Busfield in the very near future.

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